Sixth Grade

The sixth grade Language Arts curriculum includes objectives that support students' development in the skills of reading, writing, and oral language. These skills are developed through direct instruction, modeling by teachers, and guided practice. Teachers plan a balance of learning experiences which build upon oral language and include fiction, informational text, and use of language arts skills in other content areas.

In Mathematics, sixth-grade students refine their understanding of patterns, relationships, and operations within the whole number system; continue working with fractions and decimals; and apply concepts of percents and ratios in problem-solving situations. They estimate and apply formulas to find length, volume, and capacity; measure and construct angles and bisectors; investigate relationship between surface area and volume; identify nets for solids; and compare and sketch three-dimensional figures. Sixth graders also collect, display, and analyze data, using sampling techniques and a variety of appropriate display models; make predictions and decisions based on data; explore relationships between positive and negative integers; graph ordered pairs in four quadrants; express functions using variable expressions; and conduct probability experiments and compare results to theoretical probability.

In the 6th grade AAP classes, students learn Language Arts, Social Studies, Compacted Math, and Science using the Parallel Curriculum Model which is designed to provide enrichment and extensions to the Program of Studies. Students explore concepts, such as Change, Order vs. Chaos, Systems, Cause and Effect, and Perspectives. Our Compacted Math curriculum covers 7th-grade mathematics concepts.

sixth grade teachers
Mrs. Kearney, Mr. Debaldo, Mrs. Endl, Ms. Zeman, Mr. Smalley, and Mrs. Travis

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